Thursday, 7 April 2011

Where to find our Evaluation

This is a link to our YouTube channel that features our videos for our evaluation.

As you're watching us, we're seated in this order across the screen - as you look at us-->

Sam G (7217) -- Aisha E (7054) -- Max D (7205) -- Holly O (7122)


We finished our evaluation today and are currently in the process of uploading it to Youtube so that we can create a playlist for the questions we answered. We created answers beforehand as a group although some of the questions are only answered by two people.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Finished our soundtrack

We finished our soundtrack today and we've also fitted it so that it matched with the film after we had done editing it with the improvements we got after the showcase.

Plans for our opening sequence

We finished most of these sheets before we created our film but we had to wait till our film was used in the showcase so we could get responses from our classmates and teachers.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Feedback to our film

The feedback we gained was quite positive from our audience and our teachers but also received ideas of improvements for our film.

From our audience, they said that they enjoyed scenes such as the cigarette dropping scene, the flashbacks and the final shot of the gangster standing over the victim. What they thought we should improve was that they felt a soundtrack was a keyrole in the film so we've sped up trying to create a soundtrack for our deadline.

From our teachers, they enjoyed the fast pace action at the second half of the film and the use of camera angles that we used. They also thought the scene when the victim is smoking allows the audience to connect to the character. For improvements, they thought that the pace of the start of the film was too slow and that we should add quicker cuts to make it more fast paced. The credits we added should also be rearranged so that they come before any footage.

Overall, we recieved some positive feedback and we're taking into account the feedback from the class and teachers to further improve our film.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Showcase Film

This was the film that we showed as a group to our classmates during the showcase. Everything went according to plan except we hadn't finished the soundtrack in time for the showcase but it didn't affect people's understanding of the narrative or genre. Although, the clip of the red lips didn't export with the rest of the video so it came up "Media Offline" This was a problem as it did affect the control of the narrative but we explained to the audience after the clip what the scene should've been.